Tree lodge among the South Side accommodation lists offered during COP26 in Glasgow

HOUSEHOLDERS in the Southside charge up to £ 585 a night to stay in their homes during COP26.

It is estimated that in less than three weeks about 150,000 people will come to the city for the UN Climate Change Conference.

Although all the large hotels are fully booked, for two weeks in November there are many places where delegates and attendees can put their heads down for the price.

In Southside Glasgow, Airbnb owners advertise real estate and rooms for almost £ 600.

A two-bedroom apartment overlooking Queens Park will cost you £ 585 per night for the first two weeks of November when the summit takes place.

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In nearby Stratbung a loft room with a bathroom will cost £ 200 a night.

If you’re looking somewhere quite unusual, then a tree house in Ibrax is rented for £ 105 a night.

The description reads: “This is a small room located in the garden at the back of the house to climb a tiny spiral staircase.

“Through two tiny doors into a cute little space, the height of which is enough just to get up in the middle of the room …

“It’s a unique space – a little piece of a magical paradise.”

Guests will also have access to the family bathroom, kitchen, garden room and garden.

Elsewhere, in Tradeston, “whole apartments” are rented for £ 400, £ 450 and £ 500 per night.

A room in Kinning Park “less than a ten minute walk to COP26” is advertised for £ 195 a night.

Earlier today we reported that all large hotels are full, but some small hotels are trying to make money.

In July, the Glasgow Times reported that the Charing Cross Hotel charged £ 1,609 per room for the first three nights.

It’s still advertising, but is now asking £ 3,818 for the same three-day period.

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An alternative scheme for campaign participants or delegates attending a summit without a budget asks people to provide a room or even just a mattress on the floor for free or for a small fee.

The COP26 coalition is asking people to field someone who will come to the event to get around Airbnb prices.

Homeowners offer shared space, a separate room or the whole house and pay between £ 0 and £ 30 per night.

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