Trans Netflix employees are planning a walk over Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle. (Netflix)

Trans employees at the giant streaming network Netflix are planning a nationwide outing in response to Dave Chapelle’s latest action.

The event, scheduled for Oct. 20, is organized by an internal resource group of Netflix employees in response to a statement by co-chair director Ted Sarandos, who is defending Closer, according to The limit. The special comedy has been widely criticized for its anti-transformation content.

“Trans-life matters. Transport rights matter. And as an organization, Netflix is ​​constantly failing to pay close attention to our mission to “entertain the world” by repeatedly releasing content that harms the trans community, and is constantly unable to create content that represents and raises the trance [people]”, – wrote the leader of the group of resources of trans employees in the internal organizational message.” We can and should do better! “

Chappelle’s latest special issue,, which premiered Oct. 5 on Netflix, in which the comedian joked about the genitals of trans women and defended DaBaby and JK Rowling before declaring himself “Team TERF.”

In response, wrote transliterator and showrunner Jacqueline Moore Dear white people, quit Netflix on October 7, speaking“I will not work with them until they extinguish and profit from rude and dangerous transphobic content.”

Reaction to the comic reached a peak this week when more than 7,000 people signed a petition urging Netflix to abandon Chappelle’s special program, saying: “By providing a platform to Dave Chapelle and his transphobic” joke, “Netflix continues to use violence and hostility to transsexuals ”.

In response, one of Netflix’s CEOs Ted Sarandos said he wasn’t falling Closer, adding that Chappelle’s previous specialization was 2019s Sticks and stones, is the most popular stand, the most sticky and award-winning to date. “

“Some of you have also asked where we bring the border to hatred. We do not allow titles on Netflix intended to incite hatred or violence, and we do not believe Closer crosses this border, ”Sarandos added.

Netflix employees did not like this statement. Organizers of the Netflix transgroup wrote, “As we discussed through Slack, email, text and everything in between our leadership showed us that they do not uphold the values ​​we care about.

“Among the many emails and responses that were given, we were clearly told that we somehow could not understand the nuances of a particular content.”

The news of the resignation comes when Netflix reinstated a Trans Trans Terra Fields employee who was fired after criticizing the company for the transphobia platform and for attending a director’s meeting without an invitation.

Chapelle Closer follows from his special 2019 Sticks and stones, which also contained antitrans material. Chapel reportedly earns at least $ 20 million for specials.

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