The 32-year-old mom loses her arms and legs after being infected with Kovid

The 32-year-old woman had to amputate her arms and legs after she caught Kovid.

Dr. Wesley Ellie says Autumn Nugent, who now has a prosthetic leg installed, wants her story shared so others can be offered a vaccine against Kovid.

Dr. Eli spoke after a three-year-old fall mom sent him a video of her trying new limbs.

He said: Kovid took her by the arms and legs. I cried when she sent it to me yesterday: her inspiration is her physical resilience and mental strength of spirit. “

He added: “She sent this her walk with her legs and told to tell you … Covid’s blood clots can be prevented with a vaccine.”

Dr Eli said: “Covid-19 is a disease of the blood vessels that can affect your lungs, heart, brain or any organ. Blood clotting sucks life out of vital organs.

“This patient was asked to share her story so others could find out and get vaccinated.”

Dr. Eli said complications of the virus caused blood clots on his arms and legs in the fall, resulting in wounds resembling burns.

Autumn underwent physiotherapy, taking more than 12 different medications each day for the weeks following surgery.

Giving his own warning to people to get hit, he said: “Her life has changed forever … This is the reality of what can happen to a very young and perfectly healthy person.”

“Life goes on no matter how hard we are thrown out. There is hope for tomorrow. Love for her children and sisters leads her forward, ”he said.

“Very few drugs have such an excellent safety profile. Patients with Covid want to get vaccinated, and many have asked you to reconsider … Make your own and share her story and message of hope. Make her brave to share worthy! ”

Fundraising has begun to pay for medical care in the fall.

You can make a donation here.

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