Snoopers Paradise in Brighton: head stolen after posting on Instagram

THE HEAD of a Roman statue was stolen from Snooper’s paradise after its image was posted on Instagram.

The brazen thief sawed off the lock of 79 cabinets of the ancient empiricum and stole the “artifact” sometime on Tuesday 28th and Thursday, 30th September.

The theft occurred as a result of shoplifting at an old store in Brighton’s North Lane.

A staff report catches several shoplifting each week, and management has begun harshly cracking down on anyone caught stealing from a site home to more than 90 small businesses and independent traders.

A heavy bronze female head about three inches tall is said to have been originally excavated from the Thames.

Previously, this was demonstrated on the Instagram account of the store with the caption: “Snoops – it’s like a strange box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get …

“Check out a real Roman artifact dug from the Thames in office 79. (Find it through the turnstile on the right).”

It is believed that the thief discreetly sawed the lock out of the closet, which had many other items, including old coins and jewelry, before taking a piece of 165 pounds.

Jenny Huren, a company spokeswoman, said: “We are outraged by this latest theft that has crushed one of our esteemed kiosk owners.

“Worse, he sold this item to a friend.

“The theft from petty independent traders like this is disgusting, and we want to send a clear message to anyone thinking of shoplifting with Snoopers Paradise: We won’t regret being prosecuted.”

New video surveillance systems and a radio were installed in the store, and management increased the number of duty officers in regular clothing in an effort to prevent a recent outbreak of theft.

Brighton and the Partnership for Reducing Business Crime (BCRP) are also assisting in the investigation.

Sarah Morris of BCRP said: “Brighton and Hove BCRP are delighted to welcome Snoopers Paradise as a new member of the partnership and we will do our best to help find that item.

“With nearly 500 members in the city, we encourage all businesses to join us in the fight against crime and disorder to address common business crime issues.”

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