Rogue Paul’s Drag Race Stars in Lori’s Skirt

A group of strangers are invited to a distant island for dinner to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

No one knows the owner and why they are called. But before they realize it, they begin to die. Mysterious. One by one.

The deadly drop of Holly Stars may seem like your classic murder mystery. It’s not. This is a full-scale murder mystery, which starred some of the most famous drag performers who arrived from all over the world. No doubt for a great expense!

Ready to take part in the staging of the show, which reopened in the West End after closing, from the United States – the legends of drape racing RuPola, William and Ra’ja O’Hara, the star of the show.

And fresh from the Australian version of Drag Race shown in the UK this year, there’s Karen of Finance and London’s best ‘Vinegar Strokes’, which reflects the role she has brought to get rave reviews.

“If you saw the show for the first time, you would come and get a different experience, a different energy and a different interpretation. It’s a whole new crew of faces and voices and new interpretations of the characters, ”says Vinegar, who plays Lady von Fistenberg, the lady of the manor on the island of Tak.

“It may or may not be the reason that things are starting to get a little abnormal, a little crazy. But she is a very rich, wealthy, wonderful woman. I absolutely play myself … ”I

Vinegar is thrilled with this new touring version because it gives it “new things to play with”. She said, “Everyone’s gorgeous, everyone’s gorgeous, everyone’s collecting characters, and we’re all already drunk.”

As for her look, “I just told them I wanted more rhinestones and more camps … and they said, ‘We can meet those requests!'”

This is Karen’s first acting role from Finance.

“It’s fascinating to play someone for a change,” says Karen, whose ordinary face, as Drag Race fans know, “is everyone’s favorite aunt, a pretty, affectionate, devoted single woman working in finance.

“This time I’m Ms. Morgan Pierce, obviously named after Pierce Morgan, but in real life she’s based on Rebecca Brooks …” You may remember her as a performer of “News of the World,” who is being questioned by MPs through a hacking phone. – I just read it, and the jaw is constantly hitting the floor! Truly a woman! With Morgan Piers there is definitely a bit of a Cruella atmosphere.

Luckily Karen is out of finances, she already has an executive look. “Karen already exists in the corporate world, but we’ve raised her from the bottom of the department to CEO,” she says … about herself. So to clarify, is Karen still out of finance or is someone playing a whole new role? “Yes,” Karen says. “It’s Karen from Finance, who plays a whole new role.” Hopefully this will clarify matters.

Ra’J O’Hara of Drag Race RuPaul All Stars, whom Willam considers the Queen of Death, plays meteorologist Summer Raines complete with a southern draw and believes that “with all the challenges we had to accomplish at Drag Race RuPaul, it was a warm-up and a preparatory course to the reality in which I am now. I’m doing a script!

“The look was assembled by the wardrobe, but I managed to add a bit of my signature, which is purple, but the makeup is all Ra’Jah because no one can make me as beautiful as I am.”

As for William playing Shatsu – this is her second track in Death Drop with all the same fantastic costumes from the original.

“I don’t give my look to anyone!” she says, shocked by the idea.

She believes that because of the rich drops of death needed for her first round, “I was in better shape in my life when it ended,” so she looks forward to coming back to it, especially when she remembers the whole scenario from the first round the clock.

William believes that the international cast will turn out like a burning house.

It’s interesting that with a lot of people I’ve never met, how intensely we’re all going together, “chips in Karen,” but then, about a year or so later, we connect with what we can finally put together on the stage ”.

And do not forget about the drag kings, two of them, who are part of a brilliant cast.

“It’s all the same,” William says of the difference between kings and queens. “It’s just a drag and drop. They stick hair to the face, we – to the head.

And William doesn’t admit that Australian drag queens are hairier than American or British versions, and it doesn’t matter that anyone has said anything about episodes of Australian drag races.

“Australians are generally more honest than most people, and they have less time to make up and say what they think is very nice,” says William, “and it’s certainly also dragging. But I rarely meet drag – a queen who keeps her tongue. Also, I worked with Karen in Australia for many years. She’s funny. ”

When they leave, they all admit to being nervous: “But it just means you really care about what you do,” Ra’Ja says.

Death Drop, The Lowry, Salford Quays, to Saturday. Details at

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