“Police officers need to know what the law is”

A lot of anger is aroused by Philip Allot’s silly remarks about women and security following the sentencing of Wayne Cousins. But, of course, the main problem is that the police are completely unsuitable for this.

What particularly struck me was to make it a matter of sexism, as if it somehow overcomes the murder charge as a cause for outrage.

The critical problem was the inability of the IE to arrest the offender for previous reports of offenses. They should investigate and prosecute officers who have failed in their duty to protect the public and give rest to virtue.

Mr. Allot may resign if he wishes, but they will simply raise him to a more lucrative and uncountable quango, and he will be replaced by another Tory whom the electors of the provinces will elect without worrying to learn anything about them as a candidate.

Police officers need to find out what the law really is, start preventing real crimes and abolish the PAC office. Everything else is just a political position.

Dr. Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York

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