Faeces show that we loved beer and blue cheese 2700 years ago

Scientists who were lucky enough to study ancient samples of human excrement found that people used beer and blue cheese two millennia ago. The analysis showed that salt mine workers in Austria used both products until 2,700 years ago. Frank Meissner, a microbiologist at the Eurac Research Institute in Italy, said he was surprised that salt miners had so far been advanced enough to “deliberately use fermentation.”

Baker was banned from using the spray

The baker was banned from using certain types of sprinkles for cookies and cakes after Trade Standards said they were breaking the law. Rich Myers, founder of an independent bakery in Leeds, said it was a “devastating blow” when he was forced to stop production of his bestseller due to the ban. He believes the fateful visit to West Yorkshire’s trading standards came after one complaint from a “dissatisfied competitor”.

The name of the tallest woman in the world

The Guinness Book of Records crowned the woman over seven feet the tallest woman in the world. Rumeisa Helgi, 24, lives in the province of Karabuk in Turkey and has a rare genetic disease called Weaver syndrome. She hopes to use the focus to increase public understanding of other people’s lives with rare diseases. “I like to be different from everyone,” she said. “It’s interesting and makes me feel special.”

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