All traders who closed and left the Darlington market

Prolonged reconstruction of the Darlington market in a million pounds has changed the appearance of the historic site.

In the last few months, new kiosks and events have appeared, but, unfortunately, some established enterprises have also left.

Six new food stalls have opened in the market, which have been redesigned to include a seating area, a bar and a performance area.

The Asset Management Market (MAM), which manages it, hopes the investment will increase the number of visitors to the market and to the city, providing an impetus for the remaining kiosk owners who experienced compaction during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Grocer Robin Blair, who runs the longest kiosk on the market, told about it earlier. Northern Echo that businesses were “neglected and forgotten” and welcomed change.

This view has been echoed by other traders in the market – new traders and updates that bring more attention. But the loss of some established businesses has left a bitter aftertaste for some customers.

Traders have moved in recent months, including to the Corn Center and other shopping facilities in the city. Here we collect all the businesses that have left the market.

Mulholland and Son – stopped trading

Northern Echo: Mulholland and his sons served in the market for decadesMulholland and Sons have served the market for decades

Cafe Savings is now located downstairs in the center of the Cornmill Center

Darlington Julie – is now upstairs in downtown Cornmill Center

The sweet shop is now upstairs in the center of the cornfield

Northern Echo:

Hannigan’s shoe repair shop is now upstairs at the Corn Center

Northern Echo:

Darlington Sewing Fabrics – is now located on Northumberland Street, Darlington

Shane has sixteen hairdressers – is now in Middleton-St. George

The Record Shed is now on the market in Durham

IL Cappuccino – stopped trading

Northern Echo: The IL Cappuccino coffee shop closed in September The IL Cappuccino coffee shop closed in September

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