Adele confirmed the release of the new album 30 and shared a beautiful new cover

Adele has announced the release date of her long-awaited fourth album-30.

On Wednesday afternoon, the singer with the hit parade revealed that her new album will be released on November 19, almost six years after its last release, 25.

She also introduced an album cover that shows herself in a side profile.

Along with the album title, release date and artwork, Adele shared a short excerpt detailing the creation of the 30s.

“I certainly wasn’t anywhere near where I hoped to be when I first started doing it almost three years ago,” she explained. “On the contrary, actually.

“I always rely on routine and consistency to feel safe. And yet I am conscious – willingly even rushed into the maze of absolute chaos and internal turmoil.

“Along the way, I learned a lot of home truths about myself. I dropped a lot of layers, but also wrapped up in new ones. Discovered a really useful and helpful mentality and I feel that I have finally found my feeling again. I would go so far as to say that I have never in my life felt more relaxed. And that’s why I’m ready to finally release this album. “

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Adele on the Grammy Stage -2017

Explaining how the album went through her “the most turbulent period of my life,” Adele continued, “When I was writing it, my girlfriend came up to me with a bottle of wine and took it with her to take away. My wise friend who always gives the best advice. No forget the one who went wild and says, “This is your Saturday return, kids, fuck, you only live once.”

“A friend who hadn’t slept all night and was just holding my hand while I was sobbing relentlessly and didn’t know why. A friend who was going to pick me up drove me somewhere, I said I didn’t want to go, I just wanted to leave the house for vitamin D.

“That friend who crept up to me and left a magazine with a face mask and bath salt to make me feel loved, and involuntarily reminded me not only of what month it was, but also of what I should, probably do self-care!

“And then that friend who, in spite of everything, touched me, even when I stopped treating them because I was so overwhelmed with grief. Since then, I have carefully restored my home and heart, and this album is about that. ”

“The house is where the heart is,” she concluded.

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