A pair of swinging swords on a busy street full of revelers

Two men brandishing a sword on a busy Peterborough street and threatening revelers.

Ramzaden Abdelush and Sami Sajid were spotted by CCTV operators on Broadway in the early hours of August 15th.

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According to a Cambridgeshire police officer, the couple was joined by other men and clashed together with another group.

20-year-old Abdelush was spotted as he pulled a sword from under his jacket and handed it to 22-year-old Sajid, who continued the fight towards a competitive skirmish.

Police arrived and both men were arrested. During their search, officers found a sword on Abdelush.

Abdelush, of the Gardens of Alexon, Peterborough, and Sajid, of Podgolm Road, Peterborough, confessed to possessing offensive weapons in public and in distress.

On Thursday, October 7, in the Huntingdon legal courts, both men were given time behind bars – Sajid for 16 months and Abdelush for 14 months.

Andrew Donaldson said: “On a busy night in the center of Peterborough Abdelush and Sajid brazenly walked around with a sword and threatened the public.

“I’m glad they were arrested before anyone did any harm, and now they’re behind bars.”

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